Team Roles

Pilot in Command

This is the person holding the FAA License and likely also the pilot

Primary Tasks

  • Check all Pre-flight conditions and safety regulations
  • Maintain sight of drones at all times during operation
  • Be prepared to manually land/adjust drone at all times
  • Oversee operations and ensure safe conditions at all times

Observer A

This person is the pilots right hand man and ensures safety of pilot

Primary Tasks

  • Assisting pilot with moving during flight
  • Reading off Flight Planner Screen during flight
  • Observing skyline in direction pilot is facing
  • Taking Calibration Photos

Observer B

This person is in charge of the flight log and record keeping

Primary Tasks

  • Initiating and Recording pre-flight safety checks
  • Filling out Flight Log
  • Connecting to Sequoia camera with tablet/phone
  • Launching radiometric calibration before flight
  • Launching gps lapse for flight
  • Recording start/end times for flight
  • Observing skyline behind pilot