Guide To Connecting Blu Phone to Trimble GNSS GPS

  1. Turn on the Trimble GNSS Device by holding Power until solid green LED. The other LED should then flash blue and yellow
  2. Tap Bluetooth to access Bluetooth menu and ensure you’re paired with a GNSS device. If you are not then please see below on how to pair for the first time
  3. Open GNSS Status App

GNSS Status Icon

  1. Under “Source” choose the receiver that your phone is connected to. (Look for number under bluetooth settings if you forgot). The app should navigate you back to the GNSS Status Screen. GNSS Status Icon
  2. Once the receiver connects to satellites, the estimated accuracy should appear. Wait until it is less than half a meter/50cm. GNSS Status Icon

Pairing for the first time

  1. Put GNSS into pairing mode by holding power button for 5 seconds until device begins to blink a rapid blue light. (Ignore lights on battery LED and focus just on the bluetooth LED)
  2. Re-open phone and navigate to the bluetooth section again. Under Available Devices, select GNSS: #### The GNSS number corresponds with the serial number on the back of the Trimble GNSS
    • If the device is not pairing, please refresh the bluetooth connection on the phone GNSS Status Icon